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So tell us about how Monolog Records began? What was the driving reason behind starting that label?

I started the label after spending years in different bands and groups and never going anywhere. Once I realized I needed to make something that was bigger than me for me to have major success, I knew that starting a label was my calling.

How do you find out about new artists for your label?

Most of My Artists are in Chicago where I’m from, i actually met Nomad Chad (https://www.facebook.com/nomadchadmusic) while sitting on my moms porch and heard him rapping.  Prince Eshan(https://www.facebook.com/PrinceEshanMusic/) I’ve known for a long time along with Cozzee.

Do you have written contracts with your bands or handshake deals?

Yes, I started the business the right way and have an indie deal with all of my artists, with hopes to connect them to major label deals with leverage.  My goal is to make sure that the music songs the best it can, Monolog Records motto - Music That Says Something.

What is the process when you sign an artist?

Pretty simple, I listen to what they have, talk to them about where they want to go with their music and their brand.  I check their status on social media and how they push themselves and we take it from there.  We don’t have time to really mold an artist, we can just make sure your sound is great and connect you to potential major label deals.

How many releases would you like to do this year?

As many as possible!  We’ve released  5 singles and 2 Ep’s this year, which TONS more ready to go!

What’s been your biggest selling release?

So far its a tie between TOMMY - Mixed Signals and Nomad Chad - Gucci, Although this newest ep “Smoke Some’n” Vol 1. Just caught a pretty good buzz the hit singles Drugs and Slow Jams by N.H.S. N.I.K.E. feat. TOMMY and We Live in California feat. Baby Bash and Cozzee 

What are the fun and rewarding parts about running a label?

Obviously being able to create and help create amazing music!  Music is the backbone is everything for me, and when we’re able to walk into an empty room and walk out with a song that is going to last forever… that’s something you can’t put a price on!

What’s the most difficult part of running the label? 

My goal as a producer is to connect with each of my artists as much as possible, that becomes difficult when there are so many and they are so spread apart.  Also dealing with each artists personalities and the changes thereof.  There is a process to breaking into the music industry and its difficult to take the ride for some.

What makes you label special & unique?

We are all about expression of yourself and don’t limit anyway to anything.  I myself have released Hip Hop, House, and Techno records on the label, while we also have R&B and Rock.  Anything that sounds good WE WANT IT!

Do you have intern programs, if so, how do they operate?

Yes, just email info@monologrecords.com, we need and want you!

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