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K Noble, tell us a little about yourself, where are you from?

I’m the oldest child and I have two brothers. I’m from the Southside of Chicago, the high school that I attended was Dunbar Vocational High school and I’m also a college graduate with a degree in recreation. The college that I attended was Chicago State University.

When did you first become interested in music?

I first got interested in music at age 13 when I heard the rap battle between LL cool J and Canibus back in 1998. That rap battle inspired me so much that it made me want to rap. Right away, I started experimenting with different flow patterns and off the top of the head freestyles. Back in 1998 rap music all about being skilled and having a sharp delivery. Even though commercial rap was starting to dominate the air waves you still had to have a skills in order to be heard and acknowledged.

What made you think, "OK, let’s get into the music industry"?

Music has always been a passion of mine. I feel that everyone in life has a calling and you have to follow your passion in order for you to feel content and be complete. Many people they do the complete opposite. Therefore, they wind up being in a career field that they dislike and that their not passionate about. A few years back I read a book called ‘’Out Witting the Devil’’ by Napoleon Hill the book states that if you follow the entity of faith everything will materialize for you. Everyone has a calling some people choose to following it others choose to ignore it. I’m a creative individual making music is what I was born to do.

Your music in three words?

Insightful, Impactful and Inspiring

When it comes to your lyrics, what inspires you?

I would say that life inspires me, everyday life for me is a great source of inspiration. Also I read a lot of books, I’m able to utilize different concepts and ideas from the literature that I read.

What do you consider your biggest accomplishment?

Receiving a College degree for me is a big accomplishment because I was able to finish what I started. In the black community there aren’t a lot of black males that graduate and finish college with a degree, for my family that was a major accomplishment. Another big accomplishment for me is releasing my project and receiving the positive feedback that I’m receiving now.

How did you link up with ADD-2 for your song ‘’Pursuit of ‘’Success?

My producer Sen Beatz and Add-2 go way back so for us to collaborate was an easy process. Collaberations for me is an exciting process because you never know how it’s going to turn out. If the song fits both artists they can contribute something authentic.

What do you look for in the beats you’re selecting?

When I choose beats I make sure that the beat fits me as an artists. I feel that the music that artists decides to use has to be a reflection of them in order for it to be impactful and resonate with the public.

What’s the best piece of advice that has ever been given to you?

Nothing comes without hard work, in order for one to make new advancements you’re responsibilities and work load has to increase.

Where do you see yourself at 3 years down the road?

I plan on becoming a house hold name in three years as well continue to build my brand and my label
brand. Muzikal Menace Records as a company will expand and grow to its full potential because our
work ethic is unmatched. I can see myself having a long-term role in the company. Massive success for us is definitely in the works.

Besides music what other hobbies do you have?

Besides music I’m a serious fitness fanatic. Weight training for me is rewarding physically and mentally. I like going to the movies, I’m a big fan of the movies.

What are your thoughts on how things are going in the music industry right now? What do you like in the music industry most and what’s bothering you in it?

Right now the accolades and praise that a lot of artists get isn’t based upon the talent, it’s based upon
how popular the content is. Now days you don’t have to be talented to become a household name, you just have to have a huge following. I like it when newer artists pay homage to the Hip-Hop pioneers. The foundation and beginning of most things is important and essential. Without the past there would be no future. It’s a must the newer artists acknowledge the pioneers for opening up the doors, and making opportunities available for the next generation. One of the things that I don’t like about the music industry is the treachery and politics. I try to keep my circle as small as possible because there a lot of people out there that are opportunists, that don’t have my best interests. In this industry with most people its just business that’s it that’s all.

What’s one artists you would like to work with and why?

DMX is one of the artists that I would love to work with because his aggression and energy is unmatched. I think that we would both bring something different to do the table.

Any new projects coming out soon? What can we expect from this project?

I just released two singles the first one is called "Higher powered" and second one is called "Pursuit of Success". The name of my project is called "Life Lessons of The Noble", its inspired be real life experiences. It will be released sometime around May.

Thank you very much for you time K Noble. Anything else you want to add? No, that’s all How can your fans get in contact with you? 

I can be reached at Twitter @KnobleMMR, also on Facebook type in K Noble, and at Instagram at #KnobleMMR

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