FollowJoJoe - "Spell It Right B***h" (Album)

It's FollowJoJoe, make sure you "Spell It Right, B***h!" In case you have been living under a rock, the San Diego Player has dropped his new album "Spell It Right, B***h!". Filled with bangers like "Swerve" ft. Young Lyxx & Mikey oOo and songs like "Backroom" for the vibes, the concept behind the strip club themed album is to display the different aspects of FollowJoJoe's life in the fast lane. "Don't Trust Em!" will truly have you thinking about your situation that relates to the record.

FollowJoJoe - "Spell It Right B***h" (Album) FollowJoJoe - "Spell It Right B***h" (Album) Reviewed by Michael on 10:00 PM Rating: 5

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