Ether L 9 - "LOUD PVCK" (Mixtape)

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Meaning x Break down

loud [laʊd]
1. producing or capable of producing much noise. "They were kept awake by loud music". Synonyms: noisy, blaring, booming.

Pack [pak]
2. a small cardboard or paper container and the items contained within it. "a pack of cigarettes" Synonyms: packet, container, package, box, crate, carton, parcel
"a pack of cigarettes".

LOUD PVCK is a metaphor in terms of the music being self contained and descreatly packed away but once open it causes a loud impact, in through beats and lyrical content. Ether also being a stoner infused that in a sense of this "pack is potent enough to make you feel a high and escape"

Each song has its own character and mode which changes with each sound, airy often and heavy based with a mix of alternative/hip hop beats with a versatile flow suited for different moods. The tape is mixed by Shai Sevin, who also features on some of the songs with additional vocals.

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