Exclusive Interview With Euroz

By -

Mikhail Stukov 


Mikhail StukovFirst off, congrats on all the success you have achieved in the past couple of years.

Euroz: I appreciate it, thank you.

Mikhail StukovWhen did you first become interested in music? When did you start rapping? What prompted you to make a career out of rap?

Euroz: Well, it wasn't a hard transition to make actually only bc my mom's rapped.... along with everyone around me. So, subconsciously, I picked up on a lot. Eventually, I wrote my first complete song to Jay Z's "Song Cry" back in 08' & 09'. And started experimenting here and there, until I had enough material to put out an entire project. 

Mikhail Stukov: When it comes to your lyrics, what inspires you?

Euroz: I mean, I write from an honest perspective.... So I'd have to say real life experiences are what inspire me, lyrically.

Mikhail Stukov:  Talk me through a typical day for Euroz ?

Euroz:  I actually Write everyday.... Borderline obsessed with the art of writing... Studio.... Probably document certain aspects of my life via Camera (Documentary purposes) 

Mikhail Stukov: Favorite movie ? and why ?

Euroz: A Bronx Tale ..... It just is lol

Mikhail StukovWhats the best piece of advice that has been ever given to you?

Euroz: Be Yourself.

Mikhail StukovWhere exactly do you see yourself at 5 years down the road ?

Euroz:  Hopefully releasing my debut album to the world. 

Mikhail StukovIf you could work with one person who would it be?

Euroz: Frank Ocean.

Mikhail Stukov: Please tell me about The Foundation 2.  How long have you’ve been working on The Foundation 2? and what can we expect from this project?

Euroz: You can expect a lot of Versatility. I told myself I would sing more, & that's a side I've shown on this project. Sonically, I was going for that 'Friday Night Lights' x 'So Far Gone' feel... I've been working on TF2 for roughly over 3 months (consistently). 

Mikhail StukovThank you very much for your time Euroz. Anything else you want to add?

Euroz: The Foundation 2 will be hosted by Dj Drama 

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