Exclusive Interview With Swiff D

By -
Mikhail Stukov

Swiff D

Mikhail Stukov: When did your love for music begin ?

Swiff D: "I just think it was in me all along. Both sides of my family were very musically inclined, and I grew up playing the drums and singing in church. I'm a PK (Preacher's Kid). I used to watch my father first hand making beats in the crib a lot growing up. I knew from watching him, I became more and more interested in wanting to get my hands on his drums machines and other equipment" 

Mikhail Stukov: What has been the key to your success?

Swiff D: "To be honest, I don't even really think I've achieved a quarter of the success I've envisioned for myself; but if we're be technical, it's simple...I don't like to get out-worked. People that know me know I make so much music, I really live this music ish'...I really spend a lot of time trying to perfect my craft"
 Mikhail Stukov: What do you consider your biggest accomplishment ?

Swiff D: "1) Helping and my brothers (Pac Div) reach a plateau that many kids out there dream of reaching. I remember making the beat that probably kicked off the buzz in Like's (of Pac Div) father's office on his CPU. Fat Boys '08. 2) Checking off names of the "gods" on my "To work for " checklist. I grew up wanting to produce for so many and to have songs with them is truly a blessing man"

Mikhail Stukov: Please tell me about your typical day

Swiff D: "Well, wake up...eat breakfast, look at highlights on NBA.com, visit a few blog sites to hear music and then look for some VST is that I may not have. After that, I turn on my equipment and work. Around 2:30pm I like to go play basketball. After that's done, if I have a session later on in the evening I get cleaned up and finish my night in the studio. If I don't have a session, I may watch a little TV...then turn my equipment back on and work til I start to fall asleep" 

Mikhail Stukov: When it comes to your beats, what motivates/inspires you?

Swiff D: "What motivates me most is the fact that I've actually been giving the opportunity to make an honest living for myself and my family off of God given talent. A lot of people make a career out of something they may not have liked, but it kept a roof over their heads. So in saying that, it's only right that I be the best I can possibly be"

 Mikhail Stukov: What does it take for you to work with an artist? And what is your price range for beats?

Swiff D: "I'll work with anybody making noise honestly. I don't limit the sound of my production. I want all that money lol. As far as price range, it all really depends on the situation. Don't hit me up with that free ish' though!" 

Mikhail Stukov: Any new projects coming out soon ? what can we expect from this projects?

Swiff D: "Absolutely! I have a few records on 50 Cent, a few on Busta, and couple killers coming out with a lot of your favorite artists. Of course my guys Pac Div just came out with an album "GMB" so you know I had to grace the album with a few killers. I'm looking to turn all the way up in the next year" 
Mikhail Stukov: Which rapper would you like to produce for the most?

Swiff D: "Eminem.....or Drake"

Mikhail Stukov: Thank you very much for your time Swiff D. Anything else you want to add?

Swiff D: "Always a pleasure, thank you for the interview. Follow me on twitter @SwiffD. You can hear more music from me on SwiffD.com and get ready for what you're about to hear from me in 2013"

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