When It Comes to Music, Young Wyse Has No Limits to His Creativity

Young Wyse learned the skills of the trade to become one of hip hop’s most promising producers on the rise.

Wilmington, Delaware is home to Justice, the beatsmith under the alias Young Wyse, which is an ode to his father, DJ Wyse Schmeek. Having family ties in the Bronx, his connection to hip hop spans deep into the culture. That connection increased in passion with the musical influences of Swizz Beatz, Kanye West, and Nipsey Hussle, which taught Young Wyse how to maximize his grind and break the ceiling on his artistic boundaries.

First uploading his beats on platforms like Beatstars, Soundcloud, and Instagram, Young Wyse dedicated his focus to creating a style that lives and breathes hip hop. His compositions are deeper than sound, they embody feeling and emotion inspired by the type of project and energy in the studio. Ready to show the fruits of his labor, Young Wyse paired with Bronx native, Oun P to feature on his debut single, “The BarShow.” The track is built upon a hypnotizing string and thunderous baseline that leaks pure grit and tenacity. Lyrical rhyme schemes bring out the raw energy and emotions that get heads bumping and voices rapping along. Young Wyse constructed the beat from a thought with no samples, just creative ideas and his keen sense of sound. “The BarShow” arrived with an equally intensifying visual that compliments every feel of the hard hitting single.

Currently, Young Wyse is further evolving his craft through his Recording Arts major at Full Sail University. He’s making moves and stepping out of his comfort zone to invest in his career. Managed by Wyseman Entertainment, he’s in good hands for the future. Follow his career and turn up to his new single featuring Oun P, “The BarShow.”

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