Neomi - "On Your List"

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A little bit of Camilla Cabello, a hint of Lennon Stella, all merged with some pop rock...these are only some of the influences and inspirations that one could extract from Neomi’s unique sound. Edgy, fun, sensual and at the same time empowering, are the exact characteristics that the music of this young yet very talented artist delivers, thus making it impossible not to notice her. This Montreal-based singer songwriter has already dropped several singles starting in 2018, such as 'Body on Body' (2018), 'Tables' (2019), 'Dangerous' (2019), 'Playing With Fire (2020)', and she is about to release a new one this June. 
Her way of being "musically honest" is definitely a win on the stage: captivating, energetic vibes distinguish her performances. She has been already sharing the stage with different bands and musicians such as Wolves at Midnight, Noize, Redfox, Emie Leclerc, Philippe Jeanson, Tatum Quinn, always dropping a great show, proof of that passion able to create that connection between artist and public.  
'On Your List' is Neomi's brand new single to be launched on June the 12th. A catchy, lustful and arousing rhythmic pop song, hot as the summer that is to come, and able to deliver that "club vibe" that we are all missing right now. Paired with Neomi smooth voice is the vibrant sound of the song that mirrors somehow the story behind it: a bodily quest for a connection, a search for exclusivity in the tricky game that the dating world now is. A piece made for the warm days that await us , that led us to think about those ‘dirty dancings’ that we are probably missing so much, and that brings us that cool groove made to be easily enjoyed.

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