Elly Ball - "Control"

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“Uplifting atmospheric ballads with dark soulful grooves” that is Elly Ball’s sound as per her own words. 
From her classical studies at the Royal Conservatory for both piano and voice, Elly moved into different tones and vibes bringing up a mix of emotional, innovative and captivating atmospheres.
With influences such as PortisheadBANKS and Massive Attack that clearly affect her sound, she already released her first solo EP in 2018, titled 'She Too, Was Naked' along with the single 'Plastic' capturing the attention of the national music scene.
This versatile artist has been also working on several important collaborations such as the ones with the Toronto-based bands BISON BISON on their album 'Hover', and Adult Future for 'Sleeptalk' in addition to those with international artists and producers.
Elly Ball is indeed one of those unique talents who know how to face challenges, overcoming struggles as depression and ADD, while pouring her inner voice into fascinating music.

'Control' is Elly Ball’s newest single. Synthetized notes spread through the entire song, while Elly’s voice moves at the crossroad of a haunting rap and melodic tones.
Impossible not to be captured by this track while listening to it, it is imaginable to perceive a sort of spirituality floating all around.
Lulled by its notes, we enter a deep interrogation about the misplacing of societal values and the real meaning of happiness and success in opposition to what should set us innerly free and that anchors us in the reality of things.  
The more the listening the more its notes and melody enter the brain and the heart raising questions and concurrently warming the spirit.
'Control' is definitely something that will find its place within these strange times we are living in.

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