Black Lion feat. Testament & Ray Robinson - "Survive" (Remix)

Black Lion’s newest single “Survive” is bound to become a hit. The track portrays the universal themes of struggle, survival and overcoming life’s challenges. From the current crisis in Sudan to the everyday struggle to make ends meet, be successful, or achieve a higher state of being and spiritual actualization, 'Survive' can be appreciated by a broad audience across all genders and ages. The instrumental has an uplifting feel to it and is complimented by fierce, conscious lyricism. With elements of traditional boom-bap as well as trap, this experimental piece exemplifies the versatility of Black Lion's sound. 'Survive' will give listeners an inner spark of confidence and motivation while they move though all types of life's events, even when times may be tough.

Black Lion feat. Testament & Ray Robinson - "Survive" (Remix) Black Lion feat. Testament & Ray Robinson - "Survive" (Remix) Reviewed by Michael on 7:07 AM Rating: 5

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