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The Audible Doctor

Mikhail Stukov 

Mikhail Stukov: So let's take it back to the beginning...When did you first become interested in music?

The Audible Doctor: I've always been interested in music, ever since I was a little kid I always loved it. I took piano lessons when I was young, then I sang in the children's choir for a few years, then I took guitar lessons, it was really just a matter of time before I found what type of music I connected most to and it ended up being hip hop.

Mikhail Stukov: Why the name The Audible Doctor ?

The Audible Doctor: Haha, I really just made it up, looking back on it I honestly have no idea where it came from, and it really doesn't make much sense but at the time it sounded good to me. When I first moved to New York I was using a different name but it was too similar to another artist (who was huge at the time) so I just came up with something I thought sounded like what I do. At least it's a unique name, there will never be two Audible Doctors. 
Mikhail Stukov: When it comes to your beats, what motivates/inspires you?

The Audible Doctor: My motivation for production comes from the songs I sample. A lot of 70's soul and funk, when I listen to old records ideas just start flowing and when I hear the right sample I just HAVE to do something with it. As far as writing goes, I draw a lot of inspiration off of whatever is happening in my life at the moment or what's happening in the world or society in general. I always try to have a theme or message in what I'm saying and usually the underlying theme of the song is where the inspiration for the song came from. In general I stay motivated because I always know I can do better and no matter how happy I am with a project or song, I always have a feeling I can outdo what I've done. I think the best artists continue to get better because they're consistently competing with their previous work and I try to use that same competitiveness to grow and get better with my work.

Mikhail Stukov: Who are your favorite producer of all time?

The Audible Doctor: Everyone knows that Dilla is a HUGE influence on me, but DJ Premier is my favorite producer period. Something about his production is flawless to me and he's definitely number one in my book.
Mikhail Stukov: Which rapper would you like to produce for the most?

The Audible Doctor: My top 5 rappers fluctuates fairly frequently but the one rapper that always stays in my top 5 is Black Thought. There are a lot of artists I want to work with but Black Thought is probably my number one pick.

Mikhail Stukov: What do you consider your biggest accomplishment?

The Audible Doctor: It's hard to say, I try not to pay attention to my accomplishments. I feel if you're looking back at what you've done you stop moving forward. A few highlights for me would be working with Large Professor, Onyx, Consequence/John Legend and a few other people I've been fans of for a long time but I'm not sure what I'd consider my biggest accomplishment.

Mikhail Stukov: The key to success ?

The Audible Doctor: Hard work and consistency. That's it. Everything else is politics, money and luck.

Mikhail Stukov: What are your future long-term goals in life?

The Audible Doctor: I just want to be able to live comfortably and travel the world off of the music I like to make. That's really it.

Mikhail Stukov: What are some things about The Audible Doctor that everyone doesn't already know?

The Audible Doctor: I don't think there's much people don't know about me. I try to be an open book. If you want to know something just ask and I'll tell you haha.

Mikhail Stukov: Anything else you want to add? How can the masses get in contact with you ?

The Audible Doctor: Yeah, make sure you purchase my new EP "The Summer Tape" which is out now! I feel it's my best work to date! And you can always keep up with everything I'm doing on my site audibledoctor.com or holler at me on twitter @AudibleDoctor

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