Kxnashi & Salcedo Join Forces For ‘No Somos Nada’ On The Brand New ‘Salia Sounds’ Imprint

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No Somos Nada from Salcedo and Knxashi lands as the sophomore release from Salia Sounds, the exciting new label coming out of the Urban latin music scene.

A testament to resilience and vulnerability Kxnashi and Salcedo combine introspective lyrics with diverse and creative production from Salia Sounds regular Wiguez with the aim of capturing the complexity of human relationships and the raw emotions that arise from heartbreak.

An emotional journey that reflects internal struggle and loss, No Somos Nada is wrapped in dynamic and fast-paced rhythms with the intention of resonating with listeners and allowing them to find a reflection of their own experiences in every beat and every word. 

Born in Seville, Mario Salcedo is a young and promising independent artist known for his multi genre experiments under the alias Salcedo. He began rapping at the age of 13 on the streets of Seville where he learnt his craft. He has since released a myriad of tracks including Teddy.009, Mercury and Berebere in collaboration with Kxnashi. With a tonne of innovative tracks on the horizon from Salcedo, 2024 is set to be an exciting year for the rapper.

Salcedo comments: When we were in the studio with our producer Wiguez, we wanted to create something that also had a lot of energy and rhythm. We believe this song has the power to touch souls and connect hearts through its authenticity and energy.”

Kxnashi is an independent artist renowned in the Spanish urban scene. Influenced by alternative rock, trap and electronic music, he began making music from his bedroom, showcasing it to his friends through videos recorded from his cell phone. It wasn't until 2019 when he began recording his music to share and distribute under the name Kxnashi. Renowned for his experimentation with genres, he has collaborated with an array of artists including Salcedo, Xalo King, Micko YS, Saky and Pft Beatz.

Kxnashi comments: “We want our music to not only move listeners but also inspire them to find strength and hope in the midst of adversity. We believe that No Somos Nada is more than just a song; it is an emotional and sonic experience that can deeply resonate with anyone who listens to it.”

With a multitude of new releases on the horizon from some of the most exciting names in the urban Latin music scene, Salia Sounds are certainly ones to watch this year.

Combining leftfield production with its commercial appeal, No Somos Nada is set to engage with influential channels, radio stations, and press worldwide. 

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