HoodTrophy Bino Drops Explosive New Album "HoodTrophy"

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HoodTrophy Bino, the Los Angeles-based rapper, is back with his full-length album, "HoodTrophy". Known for his gritty early mixtapes and collaborations with top artists, Bino's journey from South Central LA to mainstream success is captured vividly in this album. 

"HoodTrophy" reflects on his personal struggles, including racial profiling, and his escape from gang life and poverty. Featuring tracks with Kalan.frfr, Mozzy, Mike Jay, Peso Peso, and Risktaker, this 11-track project solidifies Bino's status in the music industry. The lead single, “Storytime”, highlights his lyrical prowess and storytelling skills. Alongside his award-winning documentary, "Breaking the Generational Curse", Bino is also set to kick off his tour with Haiti Babii. Dive into "HoodTrophy" and witness the raw energy and talent that defines HoodTrophy Bino.

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