Jon Le Vert’s Debut Album "Dark Ages" Arrives June 21

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Have you heard about Jon Le Vert, a talent from California? If not, it’s time to get acquainted with this rising star in the Rap/Hip Hop scene. With a unique blend of raw emotion and innovative soundscapes, Jon Le Vert is set to make waves with his upcoming debut album, “DARK AGES.” Mark your calendars for June 21, because this release promises to be a transformative experience in the world of music.

Jon Le Vert’s musical journey is as compelling as his sound. Despite having relatives who were somewhat successful in the industry—such as The O’Jays and Gerald LeVert—Jon’s path to music wasn’t straightforward. Initially pushed towards TV and film by his mother, Jon struggled with shyness and anxiety during auditions. Ironically, he found his confidence and voice through music inspired by the likes of Kanye West, Radiohead, and Lauryn Hill. It was his role in Netflix’s “Daybreak” that catalyzed his transition into music, leading to a newfound self-esteem and a passion for creating his own art.

Now, Jon Le Vert is ready to unveil “DARK AGES,” a semi-autobiographical, self-written, and self-produced album. Slated for release on June 21, this album has already created a buzz with eight teaser tracks available. Among these are “Swear to God,” a melancholic love ballad about the hesitant start of an unexpected relationship, and “Anhedonia” featuring Ye Ali, a track that delves into the complexities of a failing love affair. Each song offers a glimpse into Jon’s multifaceted approach to storytelling and sound.

“DARK AGES” is a product of over 19 months of hard work, evolving through three major iterations to reach its final form. The first version, Jon admits, was a bit too “silly and amateurish,” while the second was more serious but sonically improved. The final version combines the best elements of these iterations, resulting in an album that’s both humbling and rewarding. It’s darker than what Jon initially envisioned, yet it’s a testament to his growth and perseverance. Tracks like “451 Nights,” “Chaos Theory,” and “Imposter Syndrome” featuring Denzel showcase his versatility and depth.

Jon Le Vert candidly shares that the process was immensely therapeutic, helping him navigate personal lows and highs. The result is an album that aims to connect with listeners on a deeply human level. It’s about coping with life’s challenges and finding hope amidst adversity. He hopes that “DARK AGES” will inspire other artists and give solace to those feeling low or neglected, reminding them to keep pushing forward.

As we anticipate the full release of “DARK AGES,” the eight pre-released tracks provide a tantalizing taste of what’s to come. Songs like “Rivr Phoenx” and “Princess (Keep Calm)” highlight Jon’s lyrical prowess and emotional depth. “Die a Hero,” featuring femdot. and “Chosen,” further showcases his ability to blend storytelling with compelling beats, creating tracks that are as thought-provoking as they are enjoyable.

In “DARK AGES,” Jon Le Vert doesn’t shy away from vulnerability. He’s inviting us to join him on a journey through the highs and lows of life through vision, persistence, love, and loss. Make sure to follow him on social media, and check out his YouTube channel and Spotify account to know more about his music.


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