Mozzy Showcases Friends Behind Bars in "Free Juju" Video

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Mozzy Showcases Friends Behind Bars in "Free Juju" Video
Mozzy's "Free Juju" is a powerful shoutout to his buddies behind bars, painting a vivid picture of life on the other side of the fence. Teaming up with Julian Cannon, the brains behind "10 Percent," Mozzy's new video brings us closer to those often forgotten. This song particularly throws a spotlight on Juju, a young guy from Oak Park, and speaks to the broader experience of those caught up in the system. Mozzy’s tight bond with his Sacramento roots is unmistakable as he uses his music to tell the real stories of the streets. From his early days to getting nods from big names like Kendrick Lamar and featuring in "Black Panther," Mozzy’s journey adds authenticity to his message. "Free Juju" isn’t just a track; it’s Mozzy keeping it real, giving a voice to his friends who can't. As he preps for his next album drop, expect more of these hard-hitting, truth-telling tunes from Mozzy.

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