JasonMartin's 'More Dollars More Sense' with Childish Gambino, DJ Quik

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JasonMartin's 'More Dollars More Sense' with Childish Gambino, DJ Quik
Unveiling a trail of musical evolution, JasonMartin, earlier known as Problem, has stormed the hip hop scene with “More Dollars More Sense” featuring the ingenious Childish Gambino and DJ Quik. It’s a prelude to his upcoming 'A Compton Story PT. 1' set to release on 11-3-23, promising a star-studded lineup including Diddy, Schoolboy Q, and more. With every beat, “More Dollars More Sense” echoes JasonMartin’s growth as an artist, producer and a film director. The track isn’t merely a musical venture, but a reflection of his journey, as he embraced his roots with a name change and now, is scaling new heights with refreshing collaborations. The vibes of “More Dollars More Sense 1994” are infectious, with Childish Gambino (AKA Donald Glover) and DJ Quik adding a unique flavor to JasonMartin’s rhythmic verses. As we groove to the beats of “More Dollars More Sense”, we are not just celebrating a song, but a saga of JasonMartin’s unyielding spirit and his audacious journey in the hip hop world. The anticipation for 'A Compton Story PT. 1' is soaring, as JasonMartin continues to tease us with scintillating tracks. Stream “More Dollars More Sense” to get a taste of what’s coming with 'A Compton Story PT. 1', and mark your calendar for 11-3-23. It’s not just about the beats, it’s about the tale they tell - and JasonMartin is here to tell it loud.

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