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DMV-based rapper/producer Santa Sallet presents the JMrec-directed music video for "I Get Money", produced by Nemizzo, longtime collaborator and co-founder of Mugisha Sallet Productions (MSP). Sallet recently released visuals for "Championship Ring" (watch on Youtube) and "Chinese Funk" (watch on Youtube) in preparation for the release of Plutography, Sallet's forthcoming album which blends salsa beats, southern trap, and eastern jazz with classic and conventional rap samples, reflecting Sallet's international upbringing across South Africa, Dominica and the US. Sallet is planning a series of full-length releases, among them C.R.E.A.M. which recounts his journey from broke to financially free, and Women and R.A.P. which describe his pursuit of success in relationships and the music industry respectively. Santa says his new single "isn't just a track – it’s a declaration, a mindset. Journey with me as I navigate a realm where hustle meets ambition, and dreams are forged in the flames of determination. Experience every beat, every lyric, and every scene as 'I Get Money' captures the essence of the grind, the allure of success, and the heartbeat of every individual chasing their dreams. Note: I also thought this would be my first single when I wrote it in college. It took me like 5 years to write the second verse." "I Get Money" is out now on MSP Records. Check out Santa Sallet merch here.

What was your creative process for “I Get Money”?

As always I start banging out beats on FL Studio and sometimes they speak to me. I Get Money was one of those tracks that did. However, I actually struggled to write the second verse. I had an empty for years before I finally felt like I was able to pull something together I like. I think the song is very emblematic of Plutography when you think about it.

You and Nemizzo are longtime collaborators. What is the key to your chemistry?

I was just talking to Nemizzo today and I think we work because we don't step on each other's toes. We each have our areas of focus and expertise and we respect each other's craft. Currently we live in worlds apart, so I also think the different influences allow to have our distinct styles and then they are made cohesive by our friendship and years working together. As a note, I actually made the beat for "I Get Money". I made a mistake in my press release. Nonetheless, Nemizzo is an amazing producer and we have a catalog of bangers ready for release. 2024. Watch out.

Lots of DMV artists have found success yet the region still lacks a trademark sound. What do you think that’s about?

My current theory has to do with the fact that the DMV is the amalgamation of three different areas: D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, with the DMV being centered around DC. As the nation's capital, a lot of people are not originally from D.C. and rarely do they come for music. So you have a lot of influences from outside DC meshing in with the local scene. I do think though that D.C., and strictly D.C., has a sound and so does Maryland and Virginia on their own. The melting pot that is the DMV is more of a constantly evolving sound due to the constant influx of non-locals. 

How do you feel about the direction the country is going in?

I think progress is not always a straight line. There is an older, wealthier, and less technologically inclined social class which is really the separation between the old analog and new digital world. I think once that generation has passed and millennials are in charge, things will move very fast and in a positive direction. We are just witnessing the end of the old way and that generation is clamoring onto their glory days. Their clamoring will stop soon. 

Making money is a big part of your lyrical focus. What do you think is the number one most important rule to follow in order to make money?

Have a goal. You can't score points if there aren't any hoops to shoot at. If you plan for nothing, you should expect nothing. If I keep shooting a ball at the air, I will never score a three. So routinely set and hit goals. One you get into the habit of setting and hitting goals and experience the dopamine rush that comes with accomplishment, you will find it hard to stop making money.


Shoutout to @JMrec34 for being available and shooting the video. Shoutout to JD for letting me use his car. Shoutout to Nemizzo for giving me a place to stay while I was in Montpellier, for being part of the video, and for MSP Records baby. That's Mugisha-Sallet Productions Records baby. I'm staying, that's Mugisha-Sallet produced hit records baby.

All day like the hallway. MSP

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