Bktherula Sparks Up the Scene with New 'TATTI' Video

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Bktherula Sparks Up the Scene with New 'TATTI' Video
Bktherula unveils a bold persona in her recent drop, "TATTI." The track, brought to life by Azure's ghostly, sparse beats, is a canvas for Bk's bold spirit. The Atlanta native revels in self-assurance, whimsically handling admirers and scoffing at critics. The video, reminiscent of 90s home reels, is a wild ride through Bk’s daily life, showcasing her rebellious persona. "TATTI" heralds what's in store in the awaited LVL5 P2, amplifying Bktherula’s soaring journey in the hip hop domain. Her earlier masterpiece, LVL5 P1 had already set the stage on fire, earning admiration far and wide. With "TATTI," Bktherula is not just continuing her reign but is setting the expectations high for her upcoming album. This release is a bold statement by Bktherula in the hip hop universe. As LVL5 P2 approaches, the excitement builds up. Bktherula is not just following the trend; she's setting her own, promising to bring fresh vibes to the rap scene.

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