River Nelson & Alto Beats Drop "We Should Escape" Album

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We Should Escape
River Nelson & Alto Beats are making waves with their latest studio album, "We Should Escape". This fresh release, bursting with 11 dynamic tracks, is a testament to their combined musical prowess. The standout single "Mindfulness" embodies the depth of the album's theme - the quest for serenity amid urban chaos. "We Should Escape" delves deep into the complexities of modern life, offering listeners a chance to envision a tranquil escape. Each song, from hits like "Seclusion" to "For Art’s Sake", unveils a facet of River's musical journey. Together, River Nelson & Alto Beats have crafted an album that's more than just music; it's a reflection on life's challenges and the dream of a peaceful haven. So, if you're looking to dive into a soundscape that resonates with today's urban struggles, "We Should Escape" is the album to explore.

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