Key Glock's "Murder & Millions" (Video)

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Slide into Glocktober with a bang as Key Glock drops his latest hit, "Murder & Millions."
Kick off Glocktober with a bang as Key Glock drops his rhythm-rich track, "Murder & Millions." Emerging from the vibrant music scene of Memphis, Key Glock brings a unique blend of smooth vocal samples, tip-toeing pianos, and snappy Tennessee trap percussion to the table. Produced by the talented trio - RamyOnTheBeat, OH Ross, and Mario Luciano, the song narrates a tale of street hustle, overcoming adversities, and reflecting on past life choices. The visuals complement the beats with multiple versions of Glock showcasing their swagger against a dynamic color palette transition. Glocktober gets a rhythmic upgrade with "Murder & Millions," manifesting Key Glock's signature style and life's narrative through a captivating musical lens.

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