Jooselord Chants "Oh Yeah!"

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North Carolina native and Krawzbonez's frontman Jooselord (@JooseLord) delivers his latest Hip-Hop / Hardcore effort "Oh Yeah!." Produced by in-house sound architect Chill (@chillwoods__), the song is an anthem for the homies and homies homies. Its eerie yet commanding instrumentation coupled with call-and-response messaging guarantees to leave a sonic impression impossible to forget. 

In an exclusive press statement to Medium Creative Agency, Jooselord recalls what inspired him to create the song: “I wanted to make a song that was inclusive to groups of all kinds. Everyone has a squad they belong to; whether it be a sports team fan, gamer, or even a housewife. It’s about community as well as the balance of love and chaos. It’s about how much I love the people around me and how far I would go to prove it.”

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