Bandmanrill & Sha EK Ignite the Scene with 'Jiggy in Jersey, Pt. 3' Video; New Wave of Jersey Club and NY Drill

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Jiggy in Jersey, Pt. 3
Witness the synergy of Newark's Bandmanrill and the Bronx’s Sha EK in their latest video "Jiggy in Jersey, Pt. 3", featuring the finesse of star producer MCVERTT. This trio is not just riding the wave, but shaping it, infusing the regional sounds of Jersey Club and New York drill into the mainstream sphere. Their journey has been a testament to innovation, each beat and verse reflecting their roots yet pushing the boundaries. With Defiant Records and Warner Records backing them up, "Jiggy in Jersey" saga isn’t just a series of hits; it’s the audacity of the underdogs rising with a distinct sound that’s hard to miss. Check the chemistry, feel the rhythm, and watch the realms of Jersey Club and New York Drill blend and bang in a new era of hip-hop.

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