sOuL from the O - ON MY WAY feat. Lalin St. Juste

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Soul from the O has released his new song "On My Way," a powerful anthem about defying the odds we face, the haters we hear and the self-doubt we may wrestle with. The song features Lalin St Juste's angelic vocals and SNDTRAK's lush production. Soul from the O weaves intricate rhyme patterns and evocative imagery, painting a vivid picture of transformation and triumph. "The pendulum swings, turns peasants into kings, little girl’s dreams grew her into a queen, and that’s her kingdom,"

The accompanying music video for "On My Way" brings the song's message to life. A world where movements are orchestrated by Lalin St Juste's elegant hand gestures, conjuring images that transcend reality. Witness Soul from the O's transformation, from a sand dune oasis to his own lush paradise, as Lalin's gestures conjure a drop-top 1963 Cadillac and mirror Soul from the O's actions. The video culminates into an exquisite collage of recurring elements—the passing Cadillac, Lalin's entrancing hand motions, and director Woodstock's cameo sitting in a tree, reminiscent of Michael Jackson's iconic "Leave Me Alone" video. Join Soul from the O in embracing the power within us to defy odds, silence naysayers, and find our way through the symphony of life. Press play, and experience "On My Way" today!

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