Hoota - "Bittersweet" (Album)

Hoota, a determined rapper hailing from the Central Coast, is set release his anticipated mixtape ‘Bittersweet’- showcasing Hoota's growth and evolution as an artist, as he explores different vibes and finds his unique voice within the underground Australian Hip Hop.

Since stepping up in 2020 with his debut single, 'Jitterbugs,' Hoota has been steadily building bars with infectious energy and signature tone. 'Bittersweet' marks a significant move for Hoota, as he delves deeper into his approach to style and seeks to demonstrate his versatility as a rapper. The mixtape was meticulously crafted at the renowned Safe House Studios in Blacktown, where Hoota collaborated closely with his talented engineer, Espa and an array of beats by Grinny (All Day, Youngn Lipz, Lisi, That Kid Kearve). Together, they meticulously honed each track to perfection, ensuring an immersive listening experience for fans.

'Bittersweet' boasts an impressive lineup of tracks that acts as a cross section of underground Australian Hip Hop. The mixtape showcases his ability to adapt to various sonic landscapes, Two-Bit Hustla and Ain’t No Friends lay out bar after bar, all tied together with punchlines while All Along signals a keen commercial sensibility - everything that Bittersweet should be about.

Speaking about the creative process behind 'Bittersweet,' Hoota reveals, "This tape is me stepping into uncharted territory, experimenting with different vibes and discovering my feet and voice as an artist in my own right." Hoota's musical journey has been influenced by the Latino culture during his transformative years spent travelling through Central America, South America, and California. The impact of this cultural immersion can be heard in the choice of samples throughout the tape.

'Bittersweet' is set to captivate keen heads with its open-ended style, energetic curation and Hoota's word-play. The mixtape promises to deliver a quick fire selection that will resonate with both the street and the airwaves.

Hoota - "Bittersweet" (Album) Hoota - "Bittersweet" (Album) Reviewed by Michael on 9/08/2023 Rating: 5

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