Shaquille Pinckney Touches Millions In The Digital World

When it comes to modern day hip hop everybody is trying to sound the same, act the same and basically market themselves the same way as any other artist would do. Shaquille Pinckney is a local Lynn Hip Hop, rapper from the North Shore bringing a unique twist to the landscape as a whole. When Shaquille isn't on the mic or putting out music he's inspiring his millions of supporters he reach daily through viral inspiring statues on Facebook, hoping to help somebody out there who's in need of a quick lift me up. It has by stated by Mr. Pinckney that his meaningful life advice quotes has been saving many lives, globally and have even been thanked publicly by many of his fans and users alike. Saving a life from suicide is not a small feet and even in those moments S.M.P truly gives all of the credit to God. What religion does Shaquille Pinckney follow? Shaquille is a evangelical christian who is devoted in in the bible, and has of recent devoted his platform to helping others weather it's through life changing statuses or releasing relatable music his goal has not faltered off from the mark.

Shaquille was always fond of poetry growing up as he would read the dictionary countless of late nights just to improve his vocabulary for his writings. He would study poets such as Robert Frost and Edgar Allan Poe to sharpen his wordplay, and poetic meters abilities to combine into his own song-writing. So, it comes to no surprise that S.M.P has the ability to reach millions but not just reach but to touch the souls of many through words, songs, and through wisdom he's gained over the years in the music industry. Mr. Pinckney says "Life can be your greatest teacher or it can be your greatest excuse to never get back up. The choice is yours to decide."


SMP is the first hip-hop artist from The north Shore (Lynn, Mass) to be featured in the Boston Herald for his music. He is best recognized for his viral hit song "Best Day Ever" that reached 1.5 million views on Facebook in just a matter of a month in 2019. The song was showcased on Pinckney's hip-hop EP "Thank God" which was engineered by Grammy nominated, Beau Vallis. Followed by his sophomore album "Sage Mode" which has over 1 million streams.

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