Flyana Boss - "Boffum" (EP)

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Best friends and dynamic hip-hop duo Flyana Boss relese the new EP Boffum. The triumphant and colorful two-song project is packed with infectious beats and power-punching vocals that jab with brazen notes of attitude and unmatched confidence. What began as two best friends exchanging freestyles over Youtube beats, has effortlessly grown into a bold and audacious career that shines light on being a woman through witty banter and laugh-out-loud lyricism. 

The first song, “Really Really”, is a modern dating anthem that glorifies setting boundaries and vibing on your own. Flyana Boss urges, “Kick off your shoes but don’t overstay your welcome.” Written about loving yourself first, “Really Really” is a tongue-in-cheek act of reclamation that offers an inside glimpse into Flyana Boss’ generation. “Nu Nu” is about challenging expectations and surprising people when they least expect it. Flyana Boss brags, “Mama’s got a brand new bag. Can’t buy this at the store, you could never cop my swag.”

If there’s one thing that Flyana Boss hopes their listeners will take from Boffum, it’s putting yourself first. In the face of adversity, you can always count on Flyana Boss to put the shoe on the other foot with a clever comedic dig and a fresh unabashed performance. Executive produced by Marky Sty, the EP is twinged with exhilarating, dopamine-inducing sonics.

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