Mia Ayana Releases New Single “Alive” - A Story of Reawakening and Acceptance

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Mia Ayana's new single, Alive, is a powerful testimony of resilience and  hope. With her captivating voice and soulful lyrics, Mia brings listeners on an emotional journey  as she sings about finding the courage to open her heart to love again despite being let down  time and time again.  

The song features tender guitar strings with uplifting soundscapes and is sure to touch the  hearts of all who listen. Alive captures Mia's newfound strength as she sings of learning to trust  again and start living life to the fullest. A rebirth of her confidence and individuality, Mia Ayana  is Alive and ready to share her story with the world. Alive is the first single from Mia’s new EP  titled Beautiful, which drops on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, etc. on February 3. 

"Alive is a reminder that no matter how many times love knocks you down, it can be the very  thing to save you in the end," says Mia. “This is an ode to self-love and understanding that it’s  ok to be vulnerable. It’s a journey we all take, one of learning to trust and accept love again.” 

Mia Ayana's newest single is a must-listen for anyone looking to reignite their own hopes and  dreams. Enriched with powerful emotion, Alive is a refreshing track that will inspire and uplift.  Anyone who has ever experienced love’s greatest joys and sorrows can relate to this song and  Mia’s story. 

With this single, Mia Ayana proves her undeniable talent as a singer/songwriter with immense  potential. Her captivating melodies and honest lyrics create an inspiring story that resonates  with all. It is a must-listen for anyone looking to feel empowered and inspired by music.  

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