New Milwaukee artist Cheedoe is Making Staying in your “Own Lane” Cool again.

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How does the music you make now compare to music you made when you first started out?

Cheedoe Is Milwaukee’s Next Champion 

How did you get started making music?

I started making music after my mama bought me a journal, she wanted to work on the way I talk to people lol and it just stuck.

Who do you listen to in Hip Hop/Rap?

I listen to a lot of different artists, I like lil baby, da baby, da Migos, j.cole, drake man it’s to many to name.

I was born the middle child on Friday January 31st, 1992. I am currently 30 years old and have been writing music the greater part of 20 years. I believe someone can learn from my story of perseverance and dedication. I go by the stage name of “Cheedoe” Cheetos are my favorite chips, specifically the hot kind. So I’m 19in the lab and I’m like the hottest I feel, I’m going by Cheedoe lol. Ironically it also means “Cool” in Spanish. I have faced a lot of challenges in life. Growing up in the inner city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin was no joke. I saw a lot so young that made we want to work harder to escape. Before graduating high school, I was incarcerated for my behavior and fighting, so the older I got I used that anger to push my music and it has seemed to be the fuel for some of the best music of my life! I am currently releasing the “Book of Joshua chpt 2” of my mixtape series and “Cheedoes Legacy” a collective tape hosted by DjLegacy! Which will both be available on all platforms Real Soon 🔥

Ig: @mroyeah

Fb: @mroyeah

Twitter: @bigcheedoe

For Booking/Features Email Cheedoe @ 

Said “Oyeah” Now I’m NDA gamE ™️

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