Exclusive Interview With Manny Omega + New Video "MISFIT"

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So Manny Omega, you began to seriously engage in music 5 years from now, how did you come to this?

I was always around music since I was young and would make songs with my friends after school at his home studio, but they weren’t actual songs, just us rhyming funny stuff over a beat. After high school I was in a dark place for a while so writing would help, I wrote this song titled Fa$t Life and I remember how everything just flowed and connected with ease while writing it. It felt like an epiphany moment. After writing it i decided to buy my own studio and record it, After getting it mixed i posted it on soundcloud and it became my most viewed song at the time with 2000 plus views, seeing the feedback gave me confidence that i needed to take it seriously.

What helped you to keep going year after year and not to quit?

 I've always been inspired by the never give up attitude especially from watching Naruto. There were alot of times I would have doubts but I noticed I kept getting better with my writing and vocals and people noticed it too and were giving me props so I kept pushing.

If it wasn't music which path would you choose, have you thought about that?

If it wasn't for music I don't know where I'd be right now its gotten me through alot of tough times. I was always into movies and reading and stories in general so I'd probably be a struggling author trying to write that story that would resonate with a new generation. 

How do you promote yourself as a performer? Can you share which ways of promoting were the most effective for you with other artists on the come up?

Promoting yourself is probably the trickiest part of this whole thing but there are many tools out there to help you, such as reaching out to blogs for submissions or facebook and ig ads and many other ways. You have to find what works for you and create your own system.

What do you look for in beats you’re selecting?

When it comes to beats I usually look for something that's unique but digestible for the average listener. A Lot of the time I want my beats to have a certain darkness to them since that's usually where I shine the most.

When it comes to creating a song or a video, do you hire videographers and beatmakers or do you resort to your friends help?

Right now i find beats on youtube and reach out to producers i feel like understands my sound. When it comes to my videos I always want them to be at a high level so I reach out to Chris Joel who's my videographer and he always does a great job delivering.

In general, what is the situation with Hip Hop scene in Boston these days, is there any talented artists, beatmakers you'd like to make a collab with?

Boston is a city full of creative minds and great talent, Cousin Stizz is the biggest act to come out of the city right now..There are alot of people grinding right now on the come up such as Boston Mook$, Dezzy Howell, Mayestar, myself, Milly19 and many more.

Imagine that in 3 years you become widely popular, you make a new album and be able to work with any artist at all, who would it be?

If i made it right now and had the chance to work with anyone i’d work with Kendrick Lamar, Kanye west, Pusha T, Travis scott, A$ap Rocky, and Kid Cudi those guys were really inspired me.

Back to the present. What can the people expect next from Manny Omega? Videos? Album? 

I got a couple things I'm working on but after this MISFIT video drops I got an album coming, more videos and an EP. I plan on releasing a lot more frequently.

What skills or qualities of yours you most proud of?

Im really proud of my writing skills they.ve gotten so much better especially when creating hooks

Besides music, what other hobbies do you have? Please tell me about your typical day

Outside of music,  i like reading a good book when im not busy or going to a museum to look at art. I've been seriously thinking of starting a business so that's one of the next things I plan on putting my time towards.

Where to find you if a fan or an artist or a beatmaker wishes to offer you an idea of creating something together? Tell us your nicknames on social media.

If anyone wants to reach out  im always online they can reach me on IG, twitter, Tikok with the same handle @mannyomea_

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