J.L.A. Drops "She Never Had That" From Behind Bars

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J.L.A., aka Joseph, knows he has what it takes to be a dope act in his area. He grew up in Detroit, and it was nothing like an Eminem movie. He saw a lot of tough things growing up. When he was two years old, he was adopted. He never knew who his real family was as a child. As a kid he spent much time as a juvenile due to his life on the streets. He’s sold drugs, stole cars, and everything else under the sun. After being placed on house arrest, J.L.A. decided it was time to take on music full time.

Although he is incarcerated, he is doing everything he can to keep his music career on track. He and his team have done a lot to showcase his art while he is serving his time. His newest visual, “She Never Had That,” shows his potential as a creator. The graphic has various cinematic scenes that prove that he has a vision for his art. When he was 14, a top radio program director found his music and connected with him. J.L.A.’s dedication and willingness to stand outside in the rain, sleet, or snow to meet him. Over time, Michael McCoy, the top program director in Michigan, introduced J.L.A. to even more artists and radio hosts. These moments always stuck with him and led him to where he is today. Now, the 27-year-old creative is gaining more traction and looking to go to the next level as a recording artist.

Check out his latest visual here and go to www.freejla.com to help the cause!

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