Dink Shares - "The Make Up" (Visual)

Dink aka Dink The Profhit is one of the hardest upcoming acts in the DMV. His low-key nature has kept him in the shadows for a while but he is ready to turn up in 2022. His newest single "The Make Up" shows his ability to make a banger without trying too hard. In the new visual you can see Dink flashing money and rapping about his notorious father who has been in the system for years. As the son of a street legend, there is much that comes with his name. Dink is ready and willing to step up to the plate and create a moment unlike anyone else can. 

Dink has seen some good traction with his previous singles "Play" and "Vent" but he is ready to push to the next level this time around. There is a big difference between being good at making music and being good at the music business. He is now applying his street logic to music and becoming a better recording artist because of it. His next couple of releases are already planned out and will see much more attention than the year before.

Press play on the video and follow Dink on Instagram @dink_or_b today!
Dink Shares - "The Make Up" (Visual) Dink Shares - "The Make Up" (Visual) Reviewed by Michael on 7:55 AM Rating: 5

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