Kubands Stunts Hard On New "4DALOW" Visual

Kubands is LA's newest melodic trap rapper. His most recent single, "4DALOW," is a vibrant reflection of exactly where Kubands is today in his life. Kubands, aka Mark Kuban, dealt with a lot throughout his life. Growing up on the east coast and moving to the West exposed him to experiences many people will never see. His faith in God helped him reroute his path and start using his experiences as the topic of his soulful music.

Kubands' roots run deeper than most. Follow @Kubandsss on Instagram to stay in tune with his forthcoming projects. He has learned a lot at age 26, and it's all clicking. The East Coast-bred MC is going for everything he deserves this year. The "4DALOW" visual shows him stunting hard in a Rolls Royce with beautiful palm trees in the back. His flashy clothes and lively bars show that he's ready for the life of an entertainer.
Kubands Stunts Hard On New "4DALOW" Visual Kubands Stunts Hard On New "4DALOW" Visual Reviewed by Michael on 7:52 AM Rating: 5

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