Dizzy Wunda - "Red Bottoms"

Dizzy Wunda aka Desmond Gholson is a Virginia boy at heart. He spent his early years in Richmond, VA prior to moving to North Dakota with his military parents. He used a lot of his childhood in the middle of America listening to various styles of music. His newest single "Red Bottoms" is a product of his heavy R&B influence. Creatives like Michael Jackson and more helped make Dizzy fall in love with music.

During high school, Dizzy Wunda transitioned back to Richmond and started taking classes to learn how to play instruments. The musically inclined creative knows how to play the flute, drums, and even piano. Today, the married man uses his art to express his thoughts. He's created plenty of beautiful records but  "Red Bottoms" might be his best yet.
Dizzy Wunda - "Red Bottoms"  Dizzy Wunda - "Red Bottoms" Reviewed by Michael on 8:10 AM Rating: 5

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