Selfish Ways - "Lit Life" (Video)

The song & video premieres on February 20th in celebration of world day of social justice. the song its about a point in their lives where the duo felt like everyone was turning their backs on them. "Lit Life” was created and inspired around the concept of mushrooms, the psychedelic experience, where it takes you to a whole another dimension. They wanted this record to feel like it was taking you on that trip.

Gotham City Vibes' is the brand new EP to come from this multi-genre music duo. This heavy hitting seven-track EP delivers high-energy sounds, strong bars, and dynamic melodies from both artists, who showcase their immense talent across this EP. The songs on this EP range from club anthems, new R&B classics, and addictive pop vibes that successfully reflect how these two brothers refuse to be boxed into one category. Recorded in their home studio in California, the combination of these songs create the feel of 'Gotham City Vibes' - a place of decadence and outlaws. This is a big release from Selfish Ways, and signals the start of an exciting 2022!

Selfish Ways - "Lit Life" (Video) Selfish Ways - "Lit Life" (Video) Reviewed by Michael on 9:22 AM Rating: 5

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