Big Cruz - "Throw It Back"

Big Cruz, aka Cruzer, is a Greece-born/DC-bred rapper who now calls NYC home. His Albanian heritage has helped him build tougher skin than most when it comes to the music industry. His family had to flee his home country early in life due to a violent rebellion that left a country full of depression and damage. Cruz was raised in the trenches of Washington D.C. amongst a predominately black neighborhood. Today, after much anticipation, he is back with some dope new music. His single "Throw It Back" is streaming well, and he is willing to bet his money on himself this time around. The drill-infused single is high tempo and even higher energy. The bubbling track is a great ending for the summer and is a key addition to any workout or party playlist.

Following the release of his project 'Win It All,' "Throw It Back," is looking to become one of Big Cruz's biggest tracks. His feature with Kozak has already seen 1 Million streams and is on track for another million. The momentum of his features is leaning in perfectly to create a big-time rollout for his latest 11 song effort. Facts Only's own, Big Cruz has been through a lot but has also seen many successes. Luckily, it does not seem like he will be slowing down anytime soon. His new record is just a big sign of what is to come. 
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