Kenyatta Davis is the music industry’s Legal Guru

There are many aspects to becoming successful in the music industry. The art is just as important as the legal adviser behind it.

Kenyatta Davis is the person that fulfills that roll with utmost professionalism for artists big and small. With a BA in music business from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and in-depth knowledge of the legal field and the music industry, Kenyatta Davis has carved a prosperous career advising musical figures and artists to the path of success. She isn’t a bystander on the sidelines trying to fit into the music world, she is a music lover herself versed in instruments like the French horn and takes pleasure in enjoying open mics among other creative arts connected with music. Her goal is always focused on the best interests of her clients, standing on her motto, ‘Protecting artists in every way.’

This mindset and dedication to her clients has made her a prominent professional as the music legal guru. Using her expertise in the legal field and the music industry, Kenyatta Davis navigates artists through the waters of the music industry without fail. Her track record for guiding artists to success is undefiled of any unsatisfied clients. She is an enthusiast of the music culture and thrives off managing all legal aspects relevant to the success of an artist’s career. Her services span across a wide array of legal matters like looking over record contracts, trademarks, copyright, publishing, and paper works among many others. She has kept up her streak of happy clientele by dedicating her focus on achieving solutions efficiently and effectively. 

Kenyatta Davis is an elite with her expertise with an extensive skillset that allows her the level of quality she provides. Task initiation, time management, planning, negotiation, project management, communication skills, she is a master of the trade able to develop and execute workable plans and solutions that maximize opportunities and leverage competitive advantage. While she is a pillar in her field, she also continues to elevate, founding Protect Artists Entertainment to further assist artists. Kenyatta Davis aims to apply her knowledge and experience to boost her clients to success while protecting their interests at all costs. She continues to expand her horizons, networking in the music industry and connecting with artists inside recording studios. Kenyatta Davis, the Music Legal Guru, has proven she is the one to have in any artist’s corner if success and longevity is the goal.

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