Anthony Fernando - "Radiate"

Anthony Fernando’s music career is very interesting: indeed it has very peculiar roots that flavor his music with an unexpected, intriguing taste but also with that kind of  expertise that always grants a great outcome. After his experience with the bands Last Scattering and Amberfallen, Anthony decided to pursue his solo career by creating his own YouTube channel and by putting his creative efforts into his second solo EP “Reveries”, soon to be released. His sound, a mix of acoustic pop interspersed with neo-soul, blues, r&b, and heavy music’s influences, comes from an intimate space, the same one that triggers his late-night creative process inspired by artists like John Mayer, Amy Winehouse, but also bands like Atreyu and Dead and Diving and names like Chris Cornell, Adele and Freddie Mercury. Currently working more on a vocal-centric sound, Anthony aims to create a new territory where different notes can converge, thus definitely designing something unique in its genre. 

Captivating acoustic guitar lines opens Anthony Fernando’s new single Radiate, to be released on the 14th of July. Like a velvety drape, Anthony’s voice caresses the intense notes of this piece that brings with it an intimate inner depth. 
This track is not only charged with the impressive vocal skills of this talented artist, but also with lyrics that exudes a baggage of emotions that reflects the alternating music trend of this song. With a beat that resembles that of breathing, while inhaling love, pain and need, this track positions itself as the perfect gate into Anthony’s upcoming EP.  While being the perfect soundtrack for this summer this piece also mirrors all the nuances that only the deepest feelings have...something to get lost in...
Anthony Fernando - "Radiate" Anthony Fernando - "Radiate" Reviewed by Michael on 10:34 AM Rating: 5

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