V-LO The Maestro heads back to college

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One thing you're told often as a child is that education is key. If you want to make it to the next level in life and succeed you have to seek knowledge to be able to use on your journey. While this may not necessarily always be welcomed advice in your youthful years, I think most would agree it becomes evident to be true as you grow older and older.

This was certainly the case for popular Louisiana rapper and actor V-LO The Maestro. V-LO is an accomplished indie artist who has worked with superstars like Kevin Gates, Young Buck and others. He got his first break onto the acting scene in the film Mississippi Turntup (2017). V-LO has also appeared in the films My Side Piece Hit The Lotto (2018) and A Life To Choose (2019). With so much going on in his career as an entertainer it's still education that stands in the forefront of V-LO The Maestro's mind as an accomplishment.

In his own words, V-LO The Maestro explains why he has made the decision to go back to school and attain his master's degree: "I graduated with my bachelor's degree in business management from the University Of Phoenix in 2012. I began pursuing my master's degree in 2012 not long after earning my bachelors degree. I decided to put my education on hold in April of 2013 to pursue my entertainment career. Over the course of that time I was unsure whether or not I wanted to go back to finish my masters degree."

Things come full circle now as V-LO The Maestro has officially re-enrolled in college. The artist states he didn't want to go through life feeling regret over starting the process of getting his degree and never finishing it. "I was always happy with all that I accomplished as an actor and musician but I felt that finishing my master's degree was the only accomplishment that I was missing. So I decided to enroll back in college. I was making plans to complete it by going back inside of a classroom but since the COVID-19 pandemic is going on I decided to pursue my master's degree in business online and return to the University Of Phoenix to do it. Ironically I stopped pursuing my master's degree in April of 2013 and I'm starting back to finish that same degree in April of 2020." 

In speaking with V-LO The Maestro one thing is clear, he is truly dedicated to all that he does. That being said it seems to be an elevated level of focus with his endeavors of education. "Once I complete this degree I will feel that I proved to myself that I could reach my ultimate goal. I plan to continue on with my entertainment career like usual but for now I have my focus in a different direction and that is finishing my education. Reaching BET, hitting thousands and millions of views, and getting a ton of streams will not compare to me completing my master's degree at this point in my life." To keep up with V-LO The Maestro follow him on Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/themaestro_.

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