Def-I & Ariano - "Deserted Oceans" (LP)

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Continuing from the 2019 release of Dream Trails, Def-i teams up once again with veteran SoCal producer and artist Ariano on Deserted Oceans. Titled after a clever twist on each artist’s territory—Def-i from the deserts of New Mexico, and Ariano from the beaches of the West Coast—the album showcases how they’ve evolved in their craft both individually and collaboratively.  

Deserted Oceans is Def-i in his prime; his lyrics are purposeful, and his wordplay is laden with thoughtful metaphors. His stylings are multi-faceted, flowing effortlessly from rapid-fire bars to a slowed down cadence. His message speaks truth to power, underpinned with hope and positivity.

The production throughout the eight track effort is moody, raw and heavy with bass. Ariano manages to underscore his hard-hitting production with an ethereal quality that lays a solid foundation for Def-i to—as Ariano puts it—“rap his ass off.”

Deserted Oceans brings together talent from around the country. With features from Atlanta’s T.R.3, and Cali’s own, LDontheCut, Josh Dominguez and Ami Kim, to visuals from the Memphis-based visual artist Nosey42. Also featured are the New Mexico-based violinist Sage Cornelius, and poet, writer, artist, Tanaya Winder. Deserted Oceans is available now through all digital retailers and streaming platforms via Popular Nobody LLC. 

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