Allan Smooth - "PONR"

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An artist that truly knows how to deal with melodies and harmonies; a smooth touch that came to define also his name. Allan Smooth is many things: singer, producer, songwriter, rapper, performer. A versatile and talented virtuoso, with a distinguished past behind him and several projects under his belt with the duo “Rise Of My Inspiration”, aka ROMI, with which he released two EP’s, the hit GTA and a music video THA V.

Influenced by a wide range of illustrious artists such as Jay Dee, Kanye West, Dr.Dre, The Neptunes, Timbaland, his sound is that perfect mix of raw, melodic, soulful notes able to capture you from the very first listening. 

Allan Smooth’s music is about honesty, is about feeling the rhythm, is about embracing that sort of cinematic vibe that he’s so good in creating, so good you won’t want to miss it. 

'PONR' is Allan Smooth' newest single out on February 28 and will catch your attention right away. Its sleek harmony arises from the bewitching sound of a flute and develops into music made to make you nod.

The overall flow of the song has that cool/vintage taste of the great old hip hop of the 90s merged with that R&B sexy softness able to caress your body with its vibe and make you dance until dawn. 

It is also a song that wants to move you, a straightforward talk about never giving up: life has its ups and downs but every day is a brand new one, and Allan Smooth, with this single, is giving us a boost to keep on dreaming.

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