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So TOMMY, tell us a little about yourself, where your from?

Well, I’m just a 23yr old young KING from the south side of Chicago who absolutely loves to make music! I’m really just grinding trying to cement my legacy as someone who made an impact on the lives others through my music, my entrepreneurship, and my lifestyle influences! 

How did music enter your life, how’d you get your start?

My Mother and Father introduced me to music at a very young age. Moms was a singer and songwriter doing small jingles/commercials for 107.5 WGCI Radio and my father was a local Chicago drummer. So naturally at a young age I fell in love with singing and playing drums. 

When it comes to your lyrics, what inspires you?

Most of the music I make is a reflection of my past experiences, so I’m able to write from a genuine place. I also love to simply make music for the ladies so half of the time I am writing from a position of trying to figure out what my female audience will enjoy! The other half is when I’m making records for the guys or really anyone in general to turn up too and simply have fun. I really enjoy focusing on what my generation likes to hear and what I’m comfortable talking about!

Chicago’s music scene is really flourishing. Can you give us a little insight on why it’s all going down?

I believe my city is one of the major power houses for cultural influence in the music scene and often times I don’t think Chicago really gets the credit it deserves in this industry. We have been contributing to the culture for years with artist like Twista, R.Kelly, Crucial Conflict, Do or Die, Kanye West, Common, Bump J, Lupe Fiasco, Jeremih and new artist like Chance The Rapper, Bj The Chicago Kid, Tink, Dreezy, Chief Keef, G Herbo, Lil Durk, King Louie and many more who are all pioneers of my generation and huge influence in rap culture! These artist have paved the way for artist such as myself to come into the game and add even more value to what Chicago has been doing for decades now! So I’m really just honored to be apart of it all! 

What do you think makes you different from other artists that are on the comeup? 

I believe in the current state of hip-hop most artist make music that my generation can get hype too and I’m all for that like who doesn’t like too T’up but I’m very passionate about what I do like it’s bigger than just a check for me. I genuinely love music as a whole, I literally listen to every genre of music we have. If it sounds good you better believe it’s probably in my playlist! I simply love that God gave me the ability to create music the way that I do and so I think with my music what sets me apart from everyone else on the come up is that I really care about the sound that I’m producing and I can’t wait to explore and develop more a long the way. I typically try to stick to music that can draw on emotion and not just music that makes you want to throw a party but honestly, I want to give my audience a bit of both worlds! I try to create music that ladies love to sing along too which are my feel good Records and music that the fellas wanna put on when they jump in the car and speed off which are my party records!

What do you hope your fans take away from your music? 

I generally just hope my fans can catch a vibe every time I release new music. My goal is too make music that says something to my audience. I love to make music that is relatable whenever I’m writing a new song. As long as my fans can genuinely enjoy the music I think that’s all that matters too me! 

What do you look for in beats you’re selecting?

When I’m searching for a beat the first thing I look for is how quickly the beat can draw me in. If the beat can catch my attention right away with the melody or a particular sound and it gives me the goosebumps then I know that it’s fire and I can’t be the only one who will get that type of feeling so I know my fans will most likely feel the same way too! So far I’ve been on a hot streak with my beat selection I just pray to God it stays that way!

Talk me through a typical day for TOMMY

A typical day for me right now begins anywhere from 7-8am I usually wake up get something too eat and then from there it’s either A. I’m writing new music, or finishing songs that I have started. B. Networking online or C. In the studio working on completing new music. That’s work for me! However, outside of work I enjoy doing photography and trying to help others reach their own greatness through entrepreneurship and motivation. Whenever, I’m being lazy I love to watch movies and TV. I would say I’m a TV and Movie fanatic I’m sort of geek. I’m a huge wrestling fan shout out to the WWE and I also love to watch anime like Bleach and Naruto as well as everything Comics and I’ll just be upfront I am Marvel fan over DC! Overall though I’m just a normal fun person! 

How active on are you on all of your social media platforms? How important do you think it has been to your career so far? 

I’m very active on social media, I think my phone stays in my hand. I do all I can to give great content and stay engaged with the fans that I do have. I’m always actively pursuing growth online and doing what I can to spread the word about who TOMMY is. Branding myself through social media has definitely helped bring in my fans and supporters that I have so far so I’ll definitely continue to use social media as a platform to give my fans and supporters the best of me! 

How does it feel when you perform live? Describe your live performance.

Performing live is such a crazy feeling especially when you can feel the energy of the crowd and see how you can turn someone into a fan and a supporter who has never heard your music before. It’s a blessing to be able to get someone moving and vibing to your record for the first time! I truly love this part of my life because I get to enjoy the fans and talk to them one on one after my shows and get great feedback whether it’s positive or negative I love it all! 

Where can fans see you perform next? 

Right now we are working on setting up a list of future performances so I would say the best way to keep up with that is too follow me on social media but especially on my Facebook! 

Any new projects coming out soon? & what can we expect from this projects?

At the moment I have a few new singles on the way and possibly an EP before the year is out! What you can expect is a solid introduction to who TOMMY is and some really dope music that I think Chicago and my fans will be proud of! 

Thank you very much for your time TOMMY. Anything else you want to add? How can your fans get in contact with you?

I just want to give a shout out to all of my fans and supporters! Also a shout out to my city of Chicago , my friends and family and to you guys for interviewing me and given people the opportunity to get to know who TOMMY is a little better! If you want to get connected with me you can follow me on Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter @trippinonwealth and Facebook, Spotify, and SoundCloud @tommy4music I hope to see you all become a part of #TeamTOMMY
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