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So  Angela Aikins, tell us a little about yourself, where your from? When did you first become interested in music? When did you start singing?

I’m from Ghana west africa born and raised there till I was 12 and moved to Canada to live with family.  I’ve always been interested in music, I can’t remember exactly when it started but I’ve always felt comfortable with the mic and paid attention to words.  Words in music can heal a soul, bring joy to someone or tell a story someone can relate to. Living in African music was my escape, it’s what brings me joy, and I happened to be good at singing.  I was always giving the mic to sing in churches and birthday parties and when I took the mic to sing I knew I had a voice and in that moment I can amaze people with the beautiful voice God has given to me while bringing them joy or sending a message depending on what I sang.

Whose music did you grow up on?

I grew up listening to african gospel and some love songs from Celin Dion and Withney Houston. I sang in church almost every Sunday and my aunt who raised me abit played mostly gospel in the house but she had a Celin Dion CD from her from who came from the states so she played it sometimes. She gave me a CD player with radio for my birthday so I started listening to other music out there though I had no clue who the artist were.  I like listening to all types of music from opera to jazz, R&B/POP, african highlife and gospel.

When it comes to your lyrics, what motivates/inspires you?

Life situations, creative imagination, creating relatable stories and using words that can touch the heart.  Words have the power to bring joy, to heal and to bring you into purpose. Sometime I might write a dance song, a wedding song or an inspirational song. It depends on where God takes me.

What do you look for in beats you’re selecting?

It depends on what song I’m writing. I like beats that stand out and are abit different, that showcases the vocals, and I feel connected to. I might want more bass in the beat or just piano. I mostly write the song with the melody/ beat in mind and go to my producer to create it together but sometimes when I hear a great beat that I feel like writing to, I buy it.

What do you consider your biggest accomplishment?

Well so far I have written a poetry book called (Love, Dreams, and Reality).  I got the opportunity to write the song (Faith got me through) for the movie “Saving Dreams”.  I continue to get better and grow not only in my gifts and talents but also spiritually.

Favorite movie ? and why?

I don’t think I have a favorite movie, I have to start going to the movies more often but I like movies that make you laugh, has some action, or romance in it. I think we all need to laugh sometimes, watch some action that makes you move in your seat, and we all like a little romance and love, whether we like to agree to it or not lol

Besides music what other hobbies do you have? Please tell me about your typical day

Besides music, I like to draw sometimes and play basketball with my lil siblings.  I do write poetry every now and then.

What’s the best piece of advice that has been ever given to you?

Stay true to yourself. You only live once so you want to be everything God has called you to be rather than live your life trying to please others because the world needs more of you.
Another is (if you chase after money you would never be completely happy, rather try to be of service in whatever field God has called you in. When you do what you love while being of service everything else will fall into place.)

How does it feel when you perform live? Describe your live performance

I like to be intimate with the audience. I like you to really get and feel the vocals, lyrics and instrumental and I like you to dance and sing along when it come to the dance songs. At the end of every performance you will be glad and blessed you came.

What are your thoughts on how things are going in the music industry right now?

I love it when wonderful new artist are discovered but I think the industry now mainly focuses on how many followers you have in order to sign you because no one wants to invest in great talent anymore or has the time to listen to your music unless you have a great fun base. If you are like someone like me who does not really know how to grow a huge fan base but loves to create music and can create not only for myself but other artist as well if given the chance. it is hard to be paid attentioned to.

What are your plans for longevity in this business of music?

I want to create music as an artist but also a songwriter for other artist as well.  I would like to start my own entertainment business where I can bring other artist, songwriters, and great music producers together to help develop and bring new artist.  Although music is what I love the most, I’m also interested in the film industry so I would like to get into that as well and try and combine the two

If you could work with one person who would it be?

I would like to work with Alicia Keys as she is one of the artist I paid attention to the most growing up and I know all the songs on he unplugged album.

Thank you very much for your time  Angela Aikins. Anything else you want to add? How can your fans get in contact with you?

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