Knarley Movement - "You Ain’t Knarley" (Video) is happy to present to its viewers the first official video release from the upcoming #KnarleyReturns project “You Ain’t Knarley” by the Knarley Movement. With a huge request (from their fans) for Knarley to upload a new video they were able to collaborate footage from a recent rehearsal and a recent bowling party featuring Knarley members HeIsMellowD, Dizzy Dom, & Tee Why. co-signs this video and the waves the Knarley Movement are making. With sponsorship from Monster Energy this group is destined to become the next big thing on the indie scene. Throw up your pinky and thumb and get Knarley! 

Knarley Movement - "You Ain’t Knarley" (Video) Knarley Movement - "You Ain’t Knarley" (Video) Reviewed by Michael on 1/12/2018 Rating: 5

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