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"What if the world was too perfect and people get mad at a mistake cause they have become too sensitive he put himself in those shoes and felt empathic to what's all a misconception but that will make you feel scared but most assume it won't just like anything can get annoying with too much comfort Allah which means God in Arabic a language just like anything other languages is not a secular language a language that also exist for the African people just like language exist for anybody mostly all don't assume a language doesn't have a bad connotation for their belief of themselves but naturalism not a USA thought it is a African spirituality we all came from that black body or maybe twins but that may be the deception we all see.
life has taught many bad and humble people in poverty many lessons of themselves life is a journey of confusion starting off he threatens Obama then he became a schizo which after only had nightmares that came true by seeing people he first saw in the nightmares then seeing in person after he loves what they say he did he believed in himself at first and was ecstatic in his heart but has the New York Attitude doesn't dilute who he is it's not like it's a bad thing it's just a shock absorbent cause when you in the hood you at least feel at home people don't need bully's cause family fights for themselves but bully's taught humble people lessons to be stronger but to not feel for the immediate while things are happening shouldn't mean you shouldn't get ready for your spirituality we all get in deep but we all need to look be guided by more highlights instead of shade or darkness graffiti taught him the imagination of the ultimate algorithm even Kanji became more familiar with no knowledge He's always been into Art but just things of the eye in general and Learned for himself always loves people to laugh and smile his 3rd eye being opened was a bad thing when the pope resigned from the office it became worse his appreciation for people wasn't ever an illusion till he controlled the wind when Noah was pitching in the World Series and believed to get mind controlled by the government to see something he saw but may have been a test he went wild and got sent to the hospital suffering from sensitivity from subliminal messaging funny how YouTube and old movies don't work on him but that's all up for God to decide for this agenda for some bozo wanting depopulation for their cryonics scheme and doing DMT instead of naturally going to heaven some had no choice but to use drugs but not to be bully perception wise like if some is your elder and even they would touch it ok
But we are all indeed are under spiritual warfare with angels demons and reptilian frequencies that made everyone he showed quit being addicted after sleep from Tobacco & weed after they woke up they had no sensation from their blood so no urge or imagination to his girlfriend was more addicted plus had a similar event of medical malpractice that no lawyer would take the case for just like any medical malpractice case in New York City he Became better as a schizo from not taking mess till they keep trying to put fear somehow eventually but the hood and their fams needs to stay to gather he says we are all lied to his brain cells were destroyed emotionally and abstract reason was at a all time loss no way to think outside the box He's no more of a hypocrite as any other confused man but very spiritual  for himself this is to access memories and some may need to become friends with something that can't possibly be their enemy the most perfect morality like that one that doesn't judge cause they didn't forget what's said spiritually
Every person may be confused one who to choose anymore even he couldn't choose himself for believing this could be karma something wanting to believe its 10x worse but really 100 or 300x in reality medical malpractice was the hackers roll to see why no one could win a case people close to him even New loved ones have suffered neglect from doctors innocent people very loved there is a US Patent for mind control Patent US6506148 without medication he no longer suffered suicide attempts but intrusive thoughts were permanent or was that bound to happen even though him and him and his wifey quit on day one the feeling of even disgust like he was a baby at it even didn't feel bad about the frequency of being driven

"There's always a conflict he doesn't support violence an attitude FOR MOST people isn't the thing but don't know what purpose is accept frequencies like how you EQ what's said vocally on a song can control YOUR PURPOSE in perception something like know is just know or like "now" nowadays"
many don't want to owe it to themselves that they went starving for 2 weeks persistently the people that were under spiritual control when purpose was misread 80% meaningly is 20% derived simplicity. words not the congruence faculty to confusion of self but to run is not to envy or NOT to give or focus on your own The 90's for me was the last he saw that was filled from life" - F.l .E.E.

So F.l .E.E., tell us a little about yourself, where your from? When did you first become interested in music? When did you start rapping?

I'm from the South Side some people call it Sures I grew up here all my life but I like to think of it where I get all my inspiration started freestyling with my Dominican family before I did with students in 2nd grade 

Whose music did you grow up on?

I grew up listening to my God uncles music the owner of Cabo Verde Show but wasn't in love with it as first like Eric B. & Rakim and Elvis Crespo then got put onto DOOM at the age of 12 but saw I" Hear Voices" on BCat at 10yrs but only the ending I said to my sister "what the hell you watching at yr12 the same channel I saw when they said 9/11 was gonna happen by some terrorist that had access to that channel I believe but it wasn't in English nor did I hear them say that they were just showing the explosions the 90s so its life's non coincidences that do the most real"

When it comes to your lyrics, what motivates/inspires you?

MF DOOMs concepts inspire me but MF Grimms lyrics inspire me more to where I could realize instead of be happy of what I experienced when artist and basically computer wizards started moving in and all the skaters just did what they wanted to do but if I had to reflect I'd choose the cartoons or Anime to access my memories

What do you look for in beats you’re selecting?

I look for things that make you wanna fight for yourself or just maintain yourself I try to keep in the same zone to be when to get creative 

What do you consider your biggest accomplishment?

My biggest accomplishment is creating a 3D sound routing for just 1 pair of monitors where the quality makes it 3D and no soldering is involved to make the frequencies move and travel literally in a triangle Germany made something of that nature after but never tested it. (Laughs)

Favorite movie ? and why?

My favorite movie is the Matrix but I'm ashamed to say cause it came from a hood book but I respect that the aesthetic looks like woodhulls mental asylums lighting on the floor

Besides music what other hobbies do you have? Please tell me about your typical day

My favorite hobby gotta be working out cleanse some frequencies 

Whats the best piece of advice that has been ever given to you?

Be yourself be creative

How does it feel when you perform live? Describe your live performance

It feels empathetic and tempting struggling trying to make people feel I used a labtop and a 404 once

What are your thoughts on how things are going in the music industry right now?

I feel like every one is just trying to believe in themselves or blend in the wrong way always causing a conflict for assumption now vigilantes might get pointed at

What are your plans for longevity in this business of music?

Just to be yourself

If you could work with one person who would it be?

I'd like to work with Medina Green & DOOM

Thank you very much for your time F.l .E.E..

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