Antonio Breez - "I Get Around" (Video) + Black Italian (Mixtape)

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Emcee Antonio Breez has been on a mission this entire summer to prove that he is amongst Hip Hops greatest rising talents. As we've seen in the past weeks, Antonio has been releasing visual after visual, after visual since working alongside Boston Videographer @lenluciano. The two have made a dynamic duo, and has created a lane for Antonio to deliver crazy lyrical word play over iconic Hip Hop beats, with creative visuals. This time, Antonio takes his second attempt at a Tupac instrumental, with " I Get Around" . With lines like  " The only Mac to data , was her computer, she like when they say in Spanish and tell her cum puta,  she got nothing but porno on her computer , she smashed 9 times that by 3 that's how you compute- her "  Antonio contunies to be a lyrical bruit.

In addition to the freestylevideo, Antonio rewards his fans for waiting on his second studio album " The Migration Narrative" , by releasing a spontaneous mixtape " Black Italian". With a name like Antonio, it certainly is an ironic and creative title. The Mixtape features all of the freestyles he released this summer, as well as a few originals that will not be featured on his October 13th release of " The Migration Narrative" album.

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