Exclusive Interview with Ether L 9

So Ether L 9, tell us a little about yourself, where your from? Whose music did you grow up on? When did you start rapping?

I'm from London raised a majority of my life in the UK. I grew up listening to a wide variety of music from stylistics ottis redding a wide variety of 60s motown and 70s funk. I got into rapping after Shyhiem "AKA Rugged Child" and "Lost Generation". Listening I would say from Rakim x Eric B "Paid in Full"

Why the name Ether L 9?

The break down of my name  Ether " is physics hypothetical... invisible substance postulated as prevailing space, and serving as the medium for the transmission of light waves, and other forms of RADIANT ENERGY". The number 9 is the highest number in supreme mathematics nine to the ninth power of nine. L stands for legend which is my intent, I put the term out in the universe in advance. A lot of people presumed it was inspired by Nas Ether but that's not the case.

What do you look for in beats you’re selecting?

A feeling a connection it has to blend with what I'm speaking about the words and sounds should build a all rounded visual mentally even when listening to it in a audio format

What do you hope your music can accomplish?

Maybe help another who relates to me but not able to express themselves. I never thought of my music as a avenue to obtain success it was a tool to vent my pain issues and views if at some point it takes me to the next level I would be grateful but as of now it's laid out on the surface for people to gravitate to hopefully it apeals to a mass one day and maybe inspire many .

What is the greatest piece of advice you received since doing your music?

Can't say I have if I'm honest. I have adviced myself and made myself know Persistence matters. Being true to myself and how I express it and believing in self.

Talk me through a typical day for Ether L 9?

My typical day consists of other avenues that are related to music but more complex. Creative directions for up and coming projects visuals branding events and fashion. I actually do nothing of what a typical artist may do or what's expected if that's the right way to put it (Laughs)

Are there any struggles you face being a female MC in the industry?

Of course.. not being heard as much  not fitting the conventional look expected. Content not appealing to a mass audience it's a male dominated industry but it's improved drastically watching others being able to capitalise on their own as women is inspirational. But still a very Tough industry to break through as a "female rapper"

Is there any new music in the works?

Singles and a few visuals hopefully. At present I have a tape out called "LOUD PVCK" which is circulating gradually apart from that focusing on more creative directing.

How does it feel when you perform live? Describe your live performance

That's being at home to me that's the only place I would express myself freely without caring who judges I like energy so that's what I always try to project when I do perform .

What are your thoughts on how things are going in the music industry right now?

It's thriving very lucrative and diverse. People have the tools to be independent and build a brand without the help of a larger company and there is more diversity in terms of music.

If you could work with one person who would it be?

Prince and he is unfortunately not with us any more so I would say .... Flying Lotus or Q Tip

Thank you very much for your time Ether L 9. Anything else you want to add? How can your fans get in contact with you?

Thank you for taking time to interview me much appreciated indeed. All those talented artist around me that also inspire me at times keep pushing with persistence and surely results will come soon enough always believe in yourself firstly.

My social media links 

Twitter: @ether_l_nine


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