Exclusive Interview With Cashis

By -
Mikhail Stukov


Mikhail Stukov: When did you first become interested in music? And whose music did you grow up listening to?
Cashis: I always had a strong musical interest. As far as being a listener. And I can hear a record once and remember the verses. So people would come to me and ask me to rap the new Pac song, or DMX or Method Man joint.  Music is my friend, it has always connected with me, right or wrong.  I grew up off Pac, Heavy Pac, Snoop, Jay, Kurupt, Twista, Master P, Scarface, Meth and Ghost., Redman and Keith Murray, Rza, Nore, NWA, Mobb Deep and DJ Quik. Quik is one of my favorites of all time.

Mikhail Stukov: When did you start rapping? 
Cashis: I started rapping with my brother Jerrin, and my cuzzen Devon... They both would get down with that pen and paper. I was always a good freestyler. Then in high school, my homebwoi Ricky and I would write rhymes and I would always win. It was on some Wu Tang shit. Bars, jumpen off the paper. That's when I actually started recording from time to time. Then My pahtnah Abe Jankans got a studio, and I basically moved in and created my style. All those people really helped me self develop into what I am now.

Mikhail Stukov: what has been the key to your success?
Cashis: Eminem, Dart Parker and Paul Rosenberg for putten me in the rap game when they did, my wild life and most recently my homebwoi/manager Breezy. The nigga go in for me. Even when I start slippen back into my old habits, my homebwoi keep pushen me to stay focused on the music, while stayen turnt up at the same time. The nigga ain't scared to roll with a real guy. It's important for an artist to be themselves. True to themselves, no matter what. That's the only way to feel successful is to do good while being u the whole way thru. Anybody can fake it, but it won't feel good, unless ur a fake muhfucka, Me, I'd rather just be me, and let it ride. You can't lose by staying true.

Mikhail Stukov: When it comes to your lyrics, what inspires you?
Cashis: Everyday Life is my inspiration. My life is always full of highs and lows, Daily. So, I just pull from my most recent struggles and triumphs and put them into song format, and sing them from my soul. When I'm on a song, my rappin voice, is coming from my soul.

Mikhail Stukov: What has been the most rewarding moment of your career ?
Cashis: Releasing my first LP as a business man, a brand. I never imagined that I could actually do that. Its a very good album, that shows me doing me. And its put together well from the beginning to end. I'm very proud of that accoplishment.

Mikhail Stukov: Favorite movie ? and why ?
Cashis: Everyday life. The Assassination Of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. Because it details real life personalities. And in the end, nobody actually wins. Just like in real life. It's a revolving door of smiles and cries. And the people who do the judging, are most times worst than the person they are judging. In that film, he picked his time to go, when he saw himself losing it and going crazy. He just let fate happen. And the coward who killed him, had a horrible outcome, worse than Jesse's. Your memory is all u have left when ur gone. So if u die rich, with no resepect. You were really poor. And if you died broke but you will be remembered for your character and honor, you were a rich man. Respect is everything.

Mikhail Stukov: Where do you see yourself five years from now ?
Cashis: God willing, I'm alive, I plan to be a model of success for Major artists who go indie to become a boss and achieve success at all levels. I see me in films, plays, writing for others and putten out quality music in a ill zone. Really placing my stamp in hip hop in general. And releasing other artists with talent and producers. Just being a help instead of hindering others or myself. Breaking bread with my real homies, and far out the reach of fakes, snakes and haters. Til then, I'm n these streets campaigning, I see me achieving those goals.

Mikhail Stukov: Please tell me about "The Art Of Dying" ? and what can we expect from this project?
Cashis: The Art Of Dying is the set off for great things. You can expect to hear me, as a person, not a character, but me Ramone. I get one on one with the listener. And u will have a better idea of who I am and connect with me on a personal level. After u bump the Cd, u will become the homie, more than a fan.

Mikhail Stukov: Anything else you want to add?
Cashis: Thank u to everybody who is rollen with me. From old fans to new ones. I appreciate yall.

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