Exclusive Interview With Fearce + New Song

By -
Mikhail Stukov 


Mikhail Stukov: How did you get your start in the music industry ?

Fearce: I started with a group called "Dyme Def". We released the album "Space Music" in 2007 that really got us noticed.

Mikhail Stukov: Whose music did you grow up on ?

Fearce: My mom had a nice size record collection and played all old school music around the house. Around 10 years old I started finding my brothers CD's and that's when hiphop really became apart of my life. I listened to underground , west coast and down south music heavily. 

Mikhail Stukov: When it comes to your lyrics, what motivates/inspires you ?

Fearce: I'm inspired from life, it's the things I've seen our experienced that helps me write.

Mikhail Stukov: Who are some of your favourite artists right now ?

Fearce: to be honest I don't have many people I'm listening to right now but there are artist like Kendrick Lamar , and pretty much the whole Top Dawg crew that I'm bumping right now.

Mikhail Stukov: What are your plans for longevity in this business of music ?

Fearce:  I'm just going to continue being me, BeanOne tells me all the time that telling my story and showing people who Fearce is will get me far. My crew is working so hard and trying to go harder than anyone else. 

Mikhail Stukov: What do you consider your biggest accomplishment ?

Fearce: Man being alive and able to be heard means a lot to me. I've lost a lot of people and I know cats who don't have the chance like me to be heard, so being able to speak for them is a chance many isn't giving. 

Mikhail Stukov: What’s one artist you would want to work with and why ?

Fearce: I would have to say Kendrick Lamar again haha, that dude is sick. It's Artist like him that is giving hiphop a good name and showing the industry what it needs. 

Mikhail Stukov: Any new projects with Bean coming out soon ? 

Fearce: Man.. Me and Bean always stay making music and planning ahead. We have a lot of stuff happening behind the scene that I can't speak on yet but just know there's gonna be a lot coming from us and our Clothing line.

Mikhail Stukov: Is there anything you’d like to add ? 

Fearce: I'm just getting started so stick around because the music is only getting better and Bean beats are just nuts. Oh and and remember Yuk the World.

NEW SONG: Fearce & BeanOne - "That Aint Hip Hop???"

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