Kaimbr & Sean Born - "Nino Green 2" (Album)

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Nino Green, the dynamic rap group composed of the immensely talented Kaimbr and Sean Born, has dropped their sophomore album, "Nino Green 2” on November 7th. With over two decades of influential work in the underground music scene, Kaimbr and Sean Born have consistently pushed artistic boundaries and garnered a devoted following of rap enthusiasts. Along with the announcement, the duo shared the lead single “Stop Playing With Me” featuring Nathaniel Star.

“Stop Playing With Me” is a tantalizing glimpse of the brilliance that awaits on Nino Green's upcoming album. On “Stop Playing With Me,” Kaimbr and Sean Born's lyrical prowess reach unparalleled heights. It features a guest appearance by Nathaniel Star, whose velvety-smooth and passionately delivered hook takes the track to another level.

Hailing from PG County MD, Nino Green’s sound is raw dope. They draw inspiration from a myriad of themes including personal struggles, societal issues, and reflections on life experiences. Their music is a reflection of their PG County roots while incorporating influences from various genres like jazz, soul, rock, and early 90’s hip-hop. Their debut collaboration received critical acclaim for their ability to push artistic boundaries while staying true to their roots. Kaimbr and Sean Born are excited to continue the momentum with their sophomore outing, they state, “When we did the first record the magic snuck up on us. This time we knew what we were before the sessions. We felt satisfied after making this record.”

Nino Green 2 showcases the powerful chemistry between Kaimbr’s lyricism and Sean Born's storytelling. The PG County natives contrasting yet complementary styles seamlessly blend together, resulting in tracks that are both introspective and captivating.

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