ATP Hits 'The Reset' Button!

Backed by instrumentation from ByLoFi (most known for their production with RussJoey Bada$$, and IDK), Mackenzie “RoyalAnsem” RomulusJohn “Johnny” Lezlie, and in-house sound architect Nicholas “NickTunez” Padilla, VA's own AsaTheProdigy (@TheRealATP) defies modern cultural norms on his brand new album 'The Reset.' Composed of 15 cohesive tracks, including previously released standouts "Push," "Car Anthem," and most recently "4Runner Freestyle," the groundbreaking body of work takes us along for his spiritual journey of awakening. [Photo CreditFinesse Produxtions]

In an exclusive press statement to Medium Creative Agency, the new father reveals: "This isn't just a project, it’s a moment in time that represents a transition; the act of shutting down to realign with God's purpose for your life. I hope to inspire growth and maturity in the culture. Sometimes as much as it hurts we have to evolve and face our fears in life to conquer them. It takes a reset to do all of this from a holistic place through Jesus Christ; at least that’s what it took for me."

ATP Hits 'The Reset' Button!  ATP Hits 'The Reset' Button! Reviewed by Michael on 9/14/2023 Rating: 5

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